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Jiang Men

Background Information

  • Jiangmen is an important transportation hub connecting the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, Macao and western parts of Guangdong, and has also been integrated into the "one-hour economic circle" of the Greater Pearl River Delta.
  • Development of Jiangmen's emerging industries is rapid. The emerging industries include new energy, new lighting, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, and green household appliances.
  • Jiangmen is also an important manufacturing industry base of Guangdong Province, in which electromechanics, textiles and garments, food, papermaking and paper products, electronic information, bathroom accessories and sanitary hardware, equipment manufacturing of rail transportation are the seven pillar industries in Jiangmen.

Statistics (as of 2019, to be updated)

Area9,507 km²
Population4.63 million
Gross domestic product (GDP)RMB314.66 billion
GDP per capitaRMB68,000
Construction industry GDPRMB15.22 billion

Development and Planning of Related Policy

  • On 5 June 2019, "Implementation Measures on strengthening the development of an innovation and entrepreneurship base for Hong Kong and Macao youths in Jiangmen" was issued to accelerate the development of an innovation and entrepreneurship base for Hong Kong and Macao youths, supporting and encouraging people in Hong Kong and Macao to work or start business in Jiangmen. Measures include the full cancellation of work permits for Hong Kong and Macao residents, permitting them to conduct a series of employment and entrepreneurship matters, such as filing employment registration, making social security payments, setting up businesses, etc., with valid identity cards.
  • Establishing various innovation and entrepreneurship bases for youths so as to support youth innovation and entrepreneurship; introducing banks and venture capital institutions to provide convenient investment and financing services for enterprises admitted.