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Shen Zhen

Background Information

  • Shenzhen is a city adjoining Hong Kong and granted with legislative power for its special economic zone. It is also an "early and pilot implementation" area under the country's reform, opening-up and modernisation.
  • Shenzhen has a convenient and efficient integrated transport system. It is also the national railway node, with the largest number of checkpoints.
  • The Central Government develops Shenzhen into a city focuses on developing high and new technology industry.

Statistics (as of 2019, to be updated)

Area1,997 km²
Population13.44 million
Gross domestic product (GDP)RMB2,692.71 billion
GDP per capitaRMB203,000
Construction industry GDPRMB93 billion

Development and Planning of Related Policy

  • Qianhai & Shekou Area of Shenzhen is one of the of the China (Guangdong) Free Trade Pilot Zones, also a demonstration area of innovation and cooperation of Guangdong-Hong Kong modern service industry which focuses on the development of finance, modern logistics, innovative technology services and other professional services.
  • There are a number of preferential policies for Hong Kong people and enterprises in Qianhai, including: implementation of cross-border Renminbi (RMB) lending; tax concessions on enterprises and individuals; dedicated funding programme on innovation and entrepreneurship for Hong Kong enterprises; funding programme for offices of Hong Kong enteroprises in Qianhai; designation of Qianhai as a pilot area for Hong Kong and Guangdong law firms operating in the form of partnership association; Allowing Hong Kong's construction and related engineering enterprises and professionals to provide services related to housing construction projects in Qianhai; and an exemption from the employment permit requirement for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao residents.
  • Measures to support the development of Hong Kong and Macao youths in Qianhai took effect on 1 March 2019, including supporting Hong Kong and Macao youths to visit, take up internships and employment, start innovative businesses, and strengthening their living benefits.
  • The Work Plan for Strengthening the Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Hong Kong and Macao Youth, in which 12 main tasks and measures were proposed, was issued on 3 July 2019, establishing a number of youth innovation entrepreneurship bases for providing different support to the Hong Kong and Macao Youths and developing the Qianhai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Hong Kong and Macao Youth into a demonstration zone for Hong Kong and Macao youth.