GBA Cities

Zhao Qing

Background Information

  • Zhaoqing is located at the central-western part of Guangdong Province, and has the largest area among the Mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area.
  • Zhaoqing has convenient transportation with eight external ports and multiple trunk roads, making it an important transportation hub connecting GBA cities with various southwestern provinces.
  • In recent years, Zhaoqing has been developing emerging industries, such as new energy vehicles industry, advanced equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end new electronic information and biomedicine, etc.

Statistics (as of 2019, to be updated)

Area14,891 km²
Population4.187 million
Gross domestic product (GDP)RMB224.88 billion
GDP per capitaRMB54,000
Construction industry GDPRMB12.32 billion

Development and Planning of Related Policy

  • In 2017, the Guangning County Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship Base was established to provide a rent-free platform for university students and working youth to start their business.
  • In 2020, "Report on the Work of the Government" was issued, mentioning the development of electronic information and advanced equipment manufacturing in Shenzhen and Guangzhou; speeding up transport infrastructure connecting other GBA cities, such as highways and railways, etc., with a view to integrating into the "one-hour transport ring"; developing online vetting and approval of enterprises and registration of real estate, reforming the vetting and approval procedures of works and construction projects, so as to create a benefitial business environment.